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The Patriot Cocktail


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If popping cans open isn't fancy enough for your Independence day celebration...  Celebrate this 4th of July with The Patriot. When you honor America today, I hope you’ll party responsibly and raise a glass to all the freedoms and opportunities that make America the greatest country in the world. I also hope you’ll keep your hot foods hot, cold foods cold, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.



1 oz  -  Aperol Spritz

1 oz  -  Maker's Mark Whiskey

1/2 oz  -  Blood Orange Nectar

2 Fresh Basil leaves

1/4 oz  -  simple syrup

2 Lime wedges

Top off with Prosecco, or other Sparkling Wine



Blue (Tropical Punch) Pop Rocks for rim of glass

Daikon root (cut into star shapes)


 patriot jacopo falleni 580


• In a cocktail shaker, muddle limes, basil and simple syrup.

• Add the Aperol, Makers Mark Whisky and Blood Orange Nectar.

• Shake for 5 fast seconds and pour over ice into your blue Pop Rocks rimmed tumbler.

 • Top with some sparkling wine, garnish with star, and serve. 


Recipe is intended for those whom alcohol use is legal, done responsibly, and is appropriate.