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Blue Goji Joins AFR at Jack's Generic Tri!

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Blue Goji team joins Austin Fitness Rentals booth at Jack's Generic Triathlon last weekend to promote their fitness gaming systems!  This new motion propelled game system makes 30 minutes of cardio workout seem like 5!!!  This new video gaming app is equally fun for all ages. You are sure to find a game that peaks your interest making time fly by while getting your cardio workout.






The game hardware simply straps to any cardio machine and pairs with your personal device (iPad, etc...) and you're off and running.  

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Contact us for information and discounts on adding Goji Play to your equipment!!!!!

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Blue Goji is an interactive fitness company that brings fun and motivation to cardio workouts. The company was founded by game industry veterans and fitness enthusiasts Kai and Charles Huang, RedOctane co-founders and inventors of the multi-billion dollar video game franchise Guitar Hero, and Coleman Fung, founder of OpenLink.

Blue Goji is developing innovative products that combine hardware and software to transform cardio exercise into an entertaining and rewarding experience for all fitness levels. Play games and get in shape.

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