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Better and Worse Halloween Candy

halloween bucket

Halloween is just around the corner and that spells candy galore! Even if you don't go trick-or-treating, the reality is that most of us won't have the discipline — or desire — to abstain from guilty pleasures. But not all candy is created equal!






Did you know, for instance, that even small bites of chocolate bars tend to be higher in calories from fat than pops and chews? If you think fat-free is better, however, remember that pops and chews are mostly gobs of sugar.


So if you're trying to be smart about calories, fat and sugar intake, follow our slide show to see which Halloween candy ranks among the better or worse, and then enjoy in moderation! (Remember, it's "better" candy, which means — unfortunately — it still doesn't give you the green light to enjoy excessive amounts of it!)


reeses cups

WORSE: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


At 105 calories per cup, 50 of them from fat, you get to enjoy the milk chocolate with all the calories, plus calories from fat.

1 cup = 105 calories (40 calories from fat); 6.5 g total fat; 10.5 g sugar




WORSE: Mounds Snack Size

Dark chocolate and coconut — well then Mounds must be healthy! Not so fast. With the first ingredient being corn syrup and with 80 calories, half of them being from fat, even the snack size Mounds is quite the guilty pleasure.

1 bar = 80 calories (40 calories from fat); 4.5 g total fat; 7 g sugar



 almond joyWORSE: Almond Joy Snack Size

Don't be fooled by the almonds in the Almond bar. At 80 calories per snack size bar, half of them from fat, the coconut and almonds add mostly calories to your Almond Joy. Unfortunately, the almond isn't enough to redeem this candy.

1 bar = 80 calories; 40 calories from fat (4.5 g total fat); 8 g sugar




WORSE: Kit Kat Snack Size Bars

Three pieces (42 g) of this crunchy treat will set you back 210 calories, 90 calories from fat, which makes it one of the higher caloric bars and also higher in fat.

3 pieces (42 g) = 210 calories; 90 calories from fat (11 g total fat); 21 g sugar




BETTER: Starburst Original Fruit Chews

Starburst, like many 'fat-free' products, is loaded with sugar. But, you can enjoy a whole nine pieces for less calories and fat.

9 pieces = 150 calories; 0 fat; 22 g sugar





BETTER: Dum Dum Pops

At 59 calories per serving size, or three lollipops, the Dum Dum is a low-caloric sugary treat you can enjoy for hours.

1 serving size or 3 lollipops = 59 calories; 0 fat; 11 g sugar



BETTER: Tootsie Roll

If you don't bite it down in the middle, the Tootsie Roll takes a long time to eat, so make it last!

6 Tootsie Rolls (40 g) = 140 calories (30 calories from fat); 3 g total fat; 19 g sugar
















BETTER: Brach’s Candy Corn

Candy corn is a sugar bomb with salt. But you can have a large handful, or 26 pieces, to gobble up 150 calories.

26 pieces = 150 calories; 0 fat; 28 g sugar 


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jolly ranchers


BETTER: Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

You can enjoy three Jolly Ranchers and still stay below 100 calories. Sweet!

3 candies = 70 calories; 0 fat; 11 g sugar











BETTER: Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins

These little marshmallows are mostly piles of sugar. But they’re still lower in calories and fat than most chocolate treats. And since it might be difficult to eat eight (one serving) at once, you will probably get less calories, fat and sugar!

8 pumpkins = 130 calories; 0 fat; 29 g sugar






BETTER: York Snack Size Peppermint Patties

If you gotta have it — chocolate that is — this minty chocolate treat scores better in the fat, sugar and calories category than most other chocolate bars.

1 mini patty = 50 calories; 1g fat; 9g sugar