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Hops and Grain Bike Affair 4




We will be attending the Hop's and Grain Bike Affair again to showcase the
Goji Play system on various bikes in our rental fleet.
Goji Play System NOW AVAILABLE with Austin Fitness Rentals Equipment
This New motion propelled game system makes 30 minutes of cardio workout seem like 5!!!
This new video gaming app is equally fun for all ages. You are sure to find a game that peaks your interest making time fly by while getting your cardio workout.
HG draft
Join us for Bike Affair 4 Saturday October 10th noon - 5pm
Hops & Grain Beer, live music, games, food trucks, vendors, t-shirts...   what's not to love!?!

Disclaimer: Austin Fitness Rentals does not recommend or condone this activity on Austin Fitness Rentals equipment. However, if you are currently suffering from metal health issues and can't resist engaging in highly unrecommended, dangerous activities, please send us a video for our Christmas party. Your insurance company will also likely love to have a copy. Also, your should post to YouTube as people really seem to love watching people get badly hurt. Did we mention "don't do this". Don't Do This! 

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