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Our New Isuzu NPR 16 Foot Box Delivery Truck

Last Updated: Aug 2013 | By Dr. Kyle P. May

AFR Isuzu NPR Delivery Truck

VIP delivery at loading dock

Austin Fitness Rentals delivers to business and residential customers within a 50 mile radius of our showroom at 2136 Rutland Drive off Burnet Road. Consequently we needed an excellent vehicle solution for our commercial fleet. Many options were considered but it came down to reliability, maneuverability, and capacity to safely move multiple pieces of high-value equipment.  We narrowed it down to a box truck of some make and model. 

After a fair amount of research into the best trucks for our fleet we decided on the Isuzu NPR 16 foot box truck. In particular, we like the 16 foot box size as it allows us to get many of our large commercial grade treadmills and other equipment pieces in it while allowing us to use the appropriate padding to protect these expensive machines.  The 16 foot size is somewhat hard to find since the much more common sizes are 14 and 20 foot. However, 16 feet happens to be the best size for our uses due to the length of health club quality treadmills and how many we need to move at any given time. 

In August of 2013 I found the perfect truck, a 2000 16 foot NPR with a 1500 pound fold away lift gate.  I was also extraordinarily lucky to find a local Austin dealer that provided incredible service at the time of sale and continued to do so after the sale to this day.  I can’t say enough about the service at Apple Leasing and Joe Maxwell has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  

If you follow our Facebook posts (and if you don’t I’d recommend that you start because there is some great info there you know that we’ve experienced some challenges with this particular vehicle. However, I believe that’s behind us now and we’re looking forward to many years of reliable service from this NPR. We've been told by experts that we can expect up to 300K miles out of this truck before any major overhauls will be needed. 

When you see us around town, give us a smile and a wave.  Our delivery guys will certainly appreciate it and will undoubtably wave back. I know that if Eddie’s driving, he’ll definitely give you a nod and wave and might even stop to talk to you a while. Drive safe Austin and we’ll see you on the road.