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Showroom Location Found at 2136 Rutland Drive Suite C Austin 78758

Austin Fitness Rentals showroom
showroom-outside-3After a very lengthy search of commercial property available for lease in Austin, we are thrilled to announce we found a location for opening our Austin Fitness Rentals showroom. Though our company formed at the beginning of August 2013, it took us a few months to find the exact spot we wanted to call home. To be more specific it took 6 months as I began looking at properties in April 2013.
I worked directly with many commercial brokers around Austin as I represented myself and didn’t have a tenant broker. Having bought and sold many properties over my life I felt comfortable doing this but wouldn’t recommend it to a novice in real estate. I physically walked 27 different properties in Austin before finding one I thought would work.
The property we initially thought we’d occupy was in central Austin and might have worked well for us. However, after some discussion with the owner, it came to light that parking our commercial vehicles there would be an insurmountable issue. Our 2nd choice also posed some challenges that we decided against. So as the search continued I found that what was once my 3rd choice actually turned out to be the best choice. As they say, third time’s the charm.
I could not have found a better team to work with than the one at HPI. If you ever have a need for commercial space in Austin, please get in touch with Davis Bass at HPI. He is truly incredible and will go to great lengths to make sure you get exactly what you need. Subsequent to finding us the perfect space he worked closely with us to make the modifications we wanted so we'd have the perfect showroom for our exercise equipment. After occupying our showroom Aubrey Kudrick, our HPI property manager, has ensured we have everything we need and provided ongoing incredible customer service.
You can fit more than you think
We receive praise and comments from our customers on our space. That is due in large part to the HPI team creating a perfect space in which the Austin Fitness Rentals team can showcase our machines, conduct promotional exercise classes and welcome customers to test and find the best equipment for their purposes. We are in this space for at least 7 years so come on by and say hello. While you’re here, check out a few machines, I’m betting you’ll find something you like.