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Elliptical Cross-Trainer, It Can Be The Perfect Machine For You

How are you doing on those New Year's resolutions? Did you make any? Did they involve exercise? About 38% of Americans made some type of resolution that had to do with a weight-loss goal. Various sources report that 12-14% of us make a resolution specifically about exercise. Since there are 314 million people in the US, that's anywhere from 38,000,000 to 44,000,000 people looking to exercise come January 1.  No wonder the gym gets crowded around this time of year! 

And like any other exercise focused business, we are also experiencing a significant increase in customers. With this increase we frequently get questions about our elliptical cross-trainers and how effective they are. The answer is that they're incredibly effective for just about everyone. While I could write volumes about this as well as talk about the specific high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) workouts I've developed specifically for our Life Fitness 91Xi elliptical cross-trainers, it might be more interesting to you to see some videos on the subject. 

This first video from Killer B Fitness is demonstrating what he considers proper technique on the Life Fitness 91Xi.  More about his comments on technique after the video. 

The instructor in the Killer B video states that we don't use the handles very often at 0:51.  I disagree with that comment as does the following Life Fitness instructor. And although this next video highlights the Life Fitness X7 instead of the 91Xi, what she is saying holds true across all commercial-grade elliptical machines. 

As you'll see at 1:44 our Life Fitness instructor specifically mentions using the handles to increase the effectiveness of the workout. Indeed, some of the programs in the 91Xi actually tell you to focus on the push pull action during a workout to concentrate on different parts of your body. 

Finally, I had to include a HIIT workout so you can see what it looks like when you really get rolling.  These rather large guys from Scivation are telling you and showing you how to really ramp up your cardio training using the HIIT method. 

As is commonly stated, a picture speaks a thousand words. As I've included 3 videos in this blog post, I wonder how many words that would be? 

Come on in to the showroom and I'll be happy to show you around the elliptical cross-trainer and even put you through one of Austin FItness Rental's HIIT workouts should you want to see how hard it can be. 

DrKPMay Jan 16, 2014