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Walk, Run, Ride or Skip - the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail


Town Lake BikeSurprisingly, there are many native and long-time Austinites that have yet to enjoy what is commonly referred to as the “town lake trail”. The Trail Foundation estimates this Austin jewel receives 1.5 million visitors per year and that number is expanding with Austin’s ever-increasing population.

I encourage you to get out for a walk, jog, run, bike, mosey, sashay, skip or however you want to get around the lake. Whether you’re a long time resident that is struggling with the name change or a new arrival who has only known this area as Lady Bird Lake, get out there and get some exercise in the January Austin sunshine!  

While the weather in Austin can get a might chilly this time of year, there are rarely long stretches when you wouldn’t have an opportunity to enjoy the trail throughout the winter season.  With an average high of 62 and average low of 41, there is ample opportunity to get out on the trail.  

There are many access points to get on the trail. If you’re driving the largest parking areas are both north and sound of the lake underneath Mopac. Another large parking area is north of the river underneath I35 at East Avenue.  

This 10 mile trail in the heart of downtown Austin (see map) can see upwards of 15,000 people per day at peak times. However, there is plenty of room for you to get out there and experience the incredible benefits of getting some exercise and enjoying this incredible city. 

trail map

There is currently a boardwalk expansion happening that extends the trail out over the lake on the south side from the Statesman to I35. This will close the 1.1 mile gap that forces current trail users onto the sidewalk of the very busy Riverside Drive.  The expected project completion is early summer 2014.

You may want to bring along your camera. This is Austin after-all and we do like to keep it weird.  You never know what picture you might get.  At minimum, there are some great places to capture some shots of Austin’s changing skyline.

statueGive Stevie Ray Vaughan a salute as you go by and I’ll see you out there.

DrKPMay - Jan 19, 2014