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Happy Ground Hog Day 


Pux-PhilFeb 2, 2014 and the world's favorite pudgy weather prognosticator has told us that we can expect 6 more weeks of winter. Every year on Groundhog Day I wonder (and then quickly forget after looking it up) how accurate the fuzzy little forecaster's predictions have been. I'll include the results of a quick Wiki search here, "Of these 117 predictions on record so far, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an "early spring" 16 times (13.7%). As to his accuracy, according to the StormFax Weather Almanac and records kept since 1887, Phil's predictions have been correct 39% of the time." 

Ok, so he's correct 39% of the time. Without delving into the complex probability (many more variables than a coin flip) and just looking at the absolute percentage, it seems safe to bet that Punxsutawney Phil's prediction will more often be wrong than right. What's this mean to a blog typically associated with health and exercise and why am I writing about it? Swim suit season of course. If the stats show Phil's more often wrong and he predicted 6 more weeks of winter - summer's almost here! It may not feel like it in Austin today with a predicted high in the mid 40s and a cold rain - but never fear, we'll have boating weather before you know it. 

Perhaps its due to February being the shortest month of the year, but every year Feb challenges abound. I won't list all of them here, you've got Google, check it for yourself. I will provide a few that I've recently noticed that might be worth further investigation (disclaimer: two are free, one has a cost associated and are being conducted by businesses owned by friends). The challenges are from Austin Fitness Rentals, Big Pistachio and Castle Hill Fitness, and My Fit Foods.  

Lemond Revmaster Indoor Cycle Bike LAs for the Austin Fitness Rentals February Challenge, I challenge you to come on into the showroom and do one HIIT workout.  We'll provide the machine and the workout and let you experience the beauty that is HIIT (if you have any questions about HIIT, see my earlier blog on the topic).  No cost associated with this.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll set up a time for you. We've got spin, upright & recumbent exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines. If you want to try more than one, just let us know and we'll make sure the equipment is ready for you. 

As for some other February Challenges, try the Plank Challenge from MyFitFamily "It strengthens your lower back, It develops your core muscles – which include the abs, back, hips and glutes, Helps you to avoid injuries and encourage good posture, Can be done anywhere" Click here for the specifics 

plankingEver thought about challenging yourself to do a triathlon? One of our local celebrity athletes and Certified USAT Coach Erin Truslow at Castle Hill Fitness, "Will host a Free informational seminar to answer your questions about Triathlon: • What distance should I start out with? • What are my swimming options? • What equipment do I need?• How much time do I need to train for a race? • Do I need a coach?" Its Feb 13th and you can find out more info here 

Finally, MyFitFoods has a 21 Day Challenge you may have heard about from Sara on Mix94.7. Here's what they have to say about it, "Our average 21 Day Challenger loses 6-15 pounds. Those results are typical! Schedule a complimentary consultation at your local My Fit Foods." If you go, tell Mario that I sent you. Find out more here  

As for me - I'm doing the 3 HIIT per week Austin Fitness Rentals Challenge and the My Fit Family Plank Challenge - we'll compare notes on Mar 1.  

DrKPMay Feb 2, 2014