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iFit Live on FreeMotion i11.9s

As you've seen in previous posts, I'm really excited about the FreeMotion i11.9 incline trainers. Beyond the excellent workout that you can get on an incline trainer, they also have another high tech feature that makes working out on these machines that much better! In fact, one of our recent customers had this to say about a workout she completed on the i11.9 - "Best treadmill workout EVER. That was so much fun!" Yep, I heartily agree with that assessment.
While you know that I could write volumes about how cool the iFit technology is, I've actually found a great blog post from a Software Technology blog that does a great job explaining iFit as well as a video from FreeMotion Fitness that shows the exact interface we have on our i11.9s. With that introduction, I'll say take it away nden and thanks for your Oct 4, 2012 post on iFit and also Jeremy at FreeMotion for his video.
What Is iFit Live Software Technology For Fitness Equipment? 
iFit screenThe iFit wireless card connects your fitness equipment (which must be outfitted with an iFit port) to the Internet. The card also stores and tracks your workouts, meals, creates personalized workouts, and connects to Google Maps replicating terrain for you (and displaying the actual terrain and sights on your screen) to train on. It's a wireless card-like gadget that plugs into the consoles of select treadmills. There are two components to this technology First, the treadmill (or elliptical) console must have an iFit port. More and more treadmills are becoming available with this capability. Second, you need the iFit wireless card which plugs into the treadmill port. The wireless card delivers the Internet to your treadmill screen. The wireless card also stores workouts and a variety of your personalized workout data (see features and benefits below). Oh yeah, you obviously need a computer and a wireless internet connection in your home or wherever you'll be using iFit. What are the Features and Benefits? Why get it?
iFit Live comes with all the following features and benefits:
1. Google Maps The coolest feature is the Google Maps feature. With this feature you can replicate any terrain that Google Maps has mapped (which is pretty much everywhere). So, for example, if you want to run the Boston marathon route on your treadmill or incline trainer, you simply upload the Boston Marathon route to your iFit wireless card and plug it in to the iFit port on your treadmill or incline trainer. Your workout will replicate the terrain of the Boston Marathon - with the incline automatically adjusting as you run the hills on the Boston Marathon route. If you mount your laptop or iPhone on your treadmill console, you can view the terrain from Google Street Level and watch the scenery as you progress through the course.

2. Nutrition Record and store your meals and calories. Plan meals for optimal training. iFit Live stores and plans all your nutrition information. 3. Workout Tracking Track calories burned for pretty much any workout - swimming, weight lifting, basketball, running, etc.

4. iPhone Compatible Track your workouts on your iPhone with the iFit iPhone app.

Jillian-Michaels-iFit-screen-capture5. Jillian Michaels' Workouts Jillian Michaels is a nationally recognized trainer and wellness expert having appeared on the The Biggest Loser TV show. This software software is programmed with numerous Jillian Michaels workouts.
Is iFit Live worth buying?
If you have a treadmill with an iFit port or are buying a treadmill with this technology AND you run races, iFit is definitely worth buying. If you like running races, this software lets you train the exact terrain of pretty much any race you'll be running. You can't get much better training than that. As you can tell from above, I'm only keen about the Google Maps integration. It's pretty expensive (there's an ongoing monthly cost in addition to the upfront purchase) just to track and store workouts and meals. That said, I suspect iFit live will add features in the future - with Internet and computer integration, the sky is the limit. What this means is if you are interested in internet and computer integration with your fitness equipment, and you're in the market for a treadmill, then you may narrow down your choices to those with iFit.
I've done a few of the courses and one of my favorites is running along the coast in S. Africa. Its hilly but beautiful. Of course, its also hard to beat running the coast in Monterrey California. So many places to choose from you'll never get bored. Come in and check it out for yourself.
DrKPMay Feb 24, 2014