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Green Is The New Black 


Green-Series-LogoGreen represents many benevolent attributes in modern culture: wealth, a lush healthy land, an amicable environment and the new exclusive eco-friendly Green Series fitness & cardio equipment we’ve recently received in our showroom ready for delivery! With both the light commercial 6000 and full commercial 7000 lines in stock, it caters to any business, health club or homeowner looking to have results delivered to their doorstep with half the energy it takes to power standard equipment. Take that electric bill!
6000-TM-Console-Closeup6000 Line
            If you have had trouble finding a piece of cardio equipment for your home that is sturdy, reliable, reasonably-priced and will stand the test of time, I’d highly recommend the 6000 series.  It has programs that customize your workout based on fitness level, desired workout time, and weight. It also keeps track of the standard calories burned, distance traveled, allotted time and heart rate. However, something that I have yet to see in any other cardiovascular fitness machine aside from the Green Series is that it tracks METs and measures WATTS.  Metabolic Equivalent (MET) is a measure of exercise intensity that directly correlates with oxygen consumed, which doctors and exercise physiologists use to determine what activity is appropriate for people given their current fitness level. See one of our previous blog posts about METs on a treadmill. One can also set the setting to keep track of WATTS, just to see how much power one is generating.
7000-Screen-for-Rec7000 Line
            On top of all the features the 6000 offers, the 7000 full commercial line comes with 10” touch screen console that presents itself with a sleeker contemporary matte black finish.  It has a built in TV and is mp3 and iPod compatible that will make you lose track of time if it wasn’t for the timer on the top left corner of the screen. Something that I found very special about the 7000, specifically the treadmill, was the fact that it was extremely quiet despite running at a typical speed setting of 6.0 mph. This would make it the ideal machine for a business-like setting where someone could get a great workout in during lunch hours for example and not have to worry about disturbing co-workers. The revolutionary quick shifter adjustment that regulates speed and incline was definitely a plus as well. All that and I haven’t yet mentioned how smooth these machines operate, most noticeably the elliptical. When Green Series states it’s ergonomic pedal system will “provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout” they mean it! I cannot over emphasize this enough. You will be just as surprised as I was.
7000 ac motor1Aside from the money that it will save you in the long run, these stylish and futuristic pieces of equipment are built with the consumer in mind. These pieces have undergone strenuous testing to ensure durability at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune where they quickly became the favorite cardiovascular equipment of the troops.  The easy to use Green Series promotes a smooth, free flow-like workout, while maintaining electrical requirements at a minimum to keep maintenance and electric costs at an all time low. Stop by the showroom for an in-depth look at the innovative Green Series 6000 and 7000 lines. We can’t wait to show you these incredible machines.
 Olliver O. Vasquez - Jun 11, 2014