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 Top 10 TV Shows To Make Workouts Fly By


TV shows

 Contrary to what we would all like to think, most of us don’t look forward to spending time on workout equipment for one reason or another. Whether you’re at the gym or in your living room, chances are you have access to a TV. Battle boredom and resist the urge to cut your sweat session short by watching these recommended shows. They’re the ones that inspire us, entertain us, or at the very least distract us from the task at hand.

Pawn Stars

“You just never know what’s gonna come through that door”

Family Guy

Politically incorrect humor…  what can go wrong?

The View

Chatty hens offering comment on today’s hot topics


As far as ‘cop dramas’ go… NCIS always guarantees witty banter and a good ‘who dunnit story’


Great time to catch up on the haps in the sports world…  while you’re working on your own inner athlete…  Great Inspiration!

News (insert your favorite news program here)

Great time to get up-to-date with the worlds news and get your workout in at the same time

The Chew

A vary of characters addressing topical news and cooking great healthy food all the while

Game Shows (insert favorite game show here)

Who doesn’t like a good game show? And…  what a great time to learn about the market’s best new fabric softener!?!


They blow stuff up on just about every episode while confirming/dispelling urban myths… Great times had by all!

Soap Operas (insert favorite storyline here)

“The biggest couch potato excuse” Be moving while yer watchin’

Let’s be honest, almost everyone has a DVR with so much content backed up on it and you don’t seem to find time to watch!  Clear that DVR during your workout…  you’ll be logging more time on your equipment than you can imagine!

I’m interested to hear what is your favorite TV inspiration to workout to.

Email your ideas to and we'll add them here.


Top Gear is the Best!!!
I've watched every episode while on the treadmill. Not too bad when you consider there are 20 seasons on NetFlix.
Any show thats high energy and sucks you in so you have to finish watching is a great way get in a 45 min workout. 
~ Eric