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  Life fitness treadmill 95ti MMSRP $8,999
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The commercial grade Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill has a system called  FlexDeck which reduces stress on knee joints. A large 20x60" running belt provides the Life Fitness 95ti treadmill with plenty of space for people of all sizes and shapes. An ergonomically correct handlebar  and rubber grip hand rails are comfortable and safe. Speed levels on the Life Fitness 95ti treadmill are adjustable pushing the 4.0 HP AC motor with a MagnaExtremeDrive motor controller board. You can go up to  12 mph and 15 percent incline. The 26-character message center screen in the Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill displays elapsed time, heart rate, and additional info  so you get all the information of your workout. Included are 28 various programs for varied workouts. The Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill also includes holders to place tablets, bottles, phones.

• Digital Heart Rate Monitoring System
• 29 Preprogrammed Workout Options
• Incline: 0-15 degrees, Speed: 0.5-14 mph
• Accessory Tray & Reading Rack
• Roller Lift wheels






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Life fitness treadmill 95ti M






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We have refurbished models we can offer at a huge savings.

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Cleaned & Serviced / Refurbished Process of returning a used product to a satisfactory working condition.  The unit is cleaned and all moving/wear components are inspected and either lubricated, cleaned, calibrated, or replaced. We will not address any cosmetic issues on the product so your product may have cosmetic blemishes, signs of wear, scratches, discoloration, worn displays, etc.  If you are looking to purchase a commercial machine that functions well but you are not concerned with the cosmetic appearance of the product, this is the condition for you. Products sold in this condition come with a 30 day parts and labor warranty.

Remanufactured Process of returning a used product to a “like new” condition by painting the frame to the original factory finish, replacing all wear components with new parts, and calibrating for optimum performance. The unit will perform and look “like new” and comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. If you are concerned with the cosmetic appearance of the product, then this is the condition you need to purchase.




Designed use: Heavy/Commercial

Maximum user weight: 400 pounds / 181 kilograms

Speed range: 0.5 - 12.0 MPH (0.8 - 20 KPH) in 0.1 increments

Elevation range: 0%-15% (in 0.1% increments)

Drive train: AC motor with MagnaDrive™ motor controller

Motor type: Variable Speed AC

Motor size: 4.0 HP continuous duty

Power requirements: 120 volt, 20 amp (U.S.). See Electrical Requirements for requirements

outside the United States.

Rollers: 3.5 inch / 9 centimeter diameter, precision-crowned, front and back

Striding Belt: 60" Length x 20" Width (152 cm Length x 51 cm Width), multi-ply

Waxing system: Patented Everwax™ automatic wax lubrication system

Deck type: 3/4" medium density reversible fiberboard

Shock Absorbtion System: Patented FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System with LifepringsTM

ErgoTM Front Handrail: Ergonomically shaped, overmolded elastomeric grips

Side handrails: 26" (66 cm) long, flared, cantilevered, overmolded elastomeric grips

Stop systems: Red and Yellow magnetic lanyard emergency stop system, SmartStopTM,

and Session Stop Push Switch raised and prominently positioned

Workouts: Fat Burn, Cardio, Hill, Random, Manual, Custom (6 customizable workouts),

Fit Test, Army PFT, Navy PRT, Marines PFT, Gerkin, Physical

Efficiency Battery (PEB), Speed Interval Training, Sport TrainingTM (5K

and 10K), Calories Goal, Distance Goal, Time in Zone Goal, Heart Rate

HillTM, Heart Rate IntervalTM, Extreme Heart RateTM

Levels: 20 (Hill, Random, 5K and 10K workouts)

Heart rate monitoring systems: Patented Lifepulse™ digital contact heart rate and Polar® telemetry-compatible

heart rate monitoring system

Console displays: Elapsed time, total distance, total calories burned, Watts, METS, calories

burned per hour, speed, incline, heart rate, distance climbed, time in

zone, and Profile Window

Ports (2): Type RJ45, interchangeable

Network ready connection and Fitness Entertainment port (power supply)


Length: 83 inches / 211 centimeters

Width: 37 inches / 94 centimeters

Height: 63.5 inches / 161 centimeters

Weight: 431 pounds / 195 kilograms

Step-Up Height 11” / 28 centimeters


Length: 86.25 inches / 219 centimeters

Width: 42.5 inches / 108 centimeters

Height: 26.5 inches / 67 centimeters

Weight: 506 pounds / 230 kilograms